Rhode Island is a wonderful place!  Our shorelines have so many beautiful nooks and crannies to explore!  I constantly find my pockets filling as I walk -- Shells and pebbles from Narragansett Beach, wampum from Casey Point and sea glass from all over the Lower Bay.  How best to admire these pieces?  …  I got inspired!

Using stained glass techniques, I create wearable art that reflects the organic nature of the glass, shells, and pebbles I find on Rhode Island's shores!  My unique barrettes, jewelry, and ornaments are created by hand, either with sea glass alone, or with complementing stained glass​ and beads.  No two items are identical.  High quality construction and materials used include “Made in France” barrette blanks, lead free pewter solder, and sterling silver.

Please enjoy my portfolio of work displayed on this website.  All photos are samples of my work, but items shown are not for sale.  To purchase available pieces, see FIND ME above.  




Beautiful R.I. sea glass!

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